It’s not enough just to pay attention to the details;  

you’ve also got to manage the complexities

The double-hung window is a complex mechanism. But the design itself is simple, integrating many parts into a smoothly functioning system that operates easily. At least it does so when everything is working properly and you don’t have a hundred years of paint clogging up the works!

But even sorely neglected original windows can be brought back to a functional elegance most homeowners never thought possible.  Here, for instance, are some things clients have told us about the functionality we were able to recover for their windows:

“The sashes glide up and down like silk and fit so snugly that they insulate the way they’re intended.”  Here’s the entire review.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results.  The windows look and work wonderfully. They move easily both up and down and have no play in their motion (side to side).”  [Editor’s Note: Parenthesis added] Here’s the entire review.

And here’s what a client said about a set of six double-hung windows that are more than 6 foot wide and 4 foot tall, each individual sash weighing in at a hefty 160 pounds:

“The larger windows included a large sunroom with windows that literally disappear into the wall when raised.  Oak Brothers did a fantastic job of getting the windows to work and look almost new again.  We were very pleased.”  Here’s the entire review. Trivial Pursuits players, click here.

Of course, someone has got to “go into the weeds” to get the windows to work this well!  A lot of details need to be addressed and complexities managed.

To explain every aspect of these complex processes would, indeed, be a laborious thing to read! But if you click here, you will be taken to a page which walks you through just one of the many sets of procedures we perform on any given window—the bedding and re-glazing of glass. We have chosen to describe this set of procedures, first, because it gives you an idea of the kind of detailed attention that is required to properly restore original windows. Also, this description lends itself to then demonstrating how we integrate both functional and aesthetic complexities so as to achieve elegant simplicity.

But first, there is one important complexity I should mention that often gets overlooked by homeowners–that is, materials selection.  Given how labor-intensive all restoration work is, particularly window restoration, one should not pass lightly over the issue of the quality and type of materials one uses.  So make sure you take a look at this description of our Materials Specifications

And one final complexity that should be mentioned when considering aspects of functional restoration; that is, window jamb restoration.  Take a look at this page to both gain an overview of the major parts of the double-hung window and to learn why it is important to pay attention to restoration of the window jamb.