History Restored

This is the entryway to a house with a historic facade easement which required the architect to either restore it or replace it with an exact reproduction. Given the costliness of reproduction of this complex entryway, he contacted Oak Brothers to inquire about having the existing door restored. The list of problems was long:

  • broken and missing trim
  • delaminated veneer
  • missing hardware
  • problems with door alignment
  • loose mortise-and-tenon joints
  • many problems with the patina
  • multiple adjustments that needed to be made to counteract a slight warp in the door that could not be removed.

Both the architect and the homeowner were astounded by the results. A new door of similar detail would not only have been expensive, but would have been made from inferior wood. And it wouldn’t have preserved the architectural integrity that was achieved by restoring the existing door.