Hardware is the jewelry of your house.

And if this is true, painters are often not much better than jewelry thieves! They may not steal your hardware outright. But they might as well have done so, since the careless painting of it makes it disappear as much as if it weren’t even there! But there is a silver lining to this cloud. Removing that paint to reveal the hidden gems feels like opening a Christmas present!

This beautiful escutcheon and doorknob was covered with paint. After paint removal, we sent them out to be replated with an antique patina.

Here is an even more dramatic picture of the gift that is so often hidden beneath layers of degraded paint. The refurbished pulley is not only beautiful, but our cleaning and oiling processes have also restored it to full functionality.

We refurbish existing hardware, removing the paint, buffing and oiling it, then reinstall it, taking care to repair screw holes which have been stripped out. If it needs to be replated, we can have that service provided for you. We can also purchase and install new, period-appropriate hardware

Here are a few samples of hardware we have refurbished. (Except for the newel post cap, all of this hardware was previously caked with thick layers of paint.)