We’ll definitely use Jeff when we restore the rest of our windows and our vintage woodwork.

Description of Work

Complete restoration of eight large, double-hung old-growth wood windows original to our 1910 apartment. Also two stained-glass casement windows. The sashes were all inoperable; they’d either been painted or caulked shut and/or were missing their counterweights, pulleys, and hardware. Most of the beautiful old wavy glass was on brink of falling out. Same for the stained glass in the casement windows.


Excellent! Jeff and Rory removed all the windows to their shop, restored them completely, and reinstalled them. Now they’re good for another 100 years. The sashes glide up and down like silk and fit so snugly that they insulate the way they’re intended. The best part about working with Oak Brothers is what I learned along the way. I’m not familiar with windows or all that handy around the house, but at every stage Jeff took the time to walk me through the process and explain what they’d do in detail; his proposals and contract were very detailed and well-written. Whenever anything unexpected arose he took the time to write, call, and send photos if necessary to explain what had come up, what our options were, and what a fair cost adjustment would be. I get the impression he can’t bear for anything to be less than perfect. He’s a true craftsman. I should also add that he and his assistant, Rory, had to work here at our home every weekday until the job was done and were respectful and pleasant. They couldn’t have been better about keeping the workspaces–and thus our home–as clean, tidy, and quiet as possible. The job did take a little longer than planned but that’s because they took the extra time to do it right, to the highest standard. Their work was not cheap but the price was always fair–more than fair, actually. Restoring old-growth wood windows may cost more than buying new ones, but in the long run it’s far cheaper. We’ll definitely use Jeff when we restore the rest of our windows and our vintage woodwork.