…you could easily market yourselves as the “Wood Whisperers.”

Dear Jeff,

Just a quick follow-up note to thank you for the wonderful work you did on restoring our front door. I can’t tell you how pleased Diane and I are with the finished product. Your most precise maintenance instructions, your timely and dependable customer service, and your detailed knowledge of wood (and preservation techniques) were most impressive and greatly valued. One thing I especially noted was the additional technical resources you were able to provide. I don’t remember the gentlemen’s name, but the two of you could easily market yourselves as the “Wood Whisperers.” Actually, this is the second major project you have completed in our 120 year old home. The dining room window restoration project has been a big hit too. Besides functioning properly for the first time in 30+ years, the reduction in heat loss, lowered utility bills and improvement in comfort have been quite impressive. If Oak Brothers ever needs a telephone reference you are most welcome to give out my name and phone number. Kind regards, Randy Rollinson 773-774-0240